Muscular dystrophy Herbal Treatment
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Disease Description: Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a group of rare diseases. They cause muscle fibers to weaken and break down. MD affects the skeletal or voluntary muscles that control movement in the arms, legs and trunk. It also can affect the heart and other involuntary muscles, such as those in the gut. MD passes from parent to child (genetic) and gets worse over time (progressive). There are nine major types of MD affecting people of all ages, from infancy to middle age or later. The two most common types of MD affect children: Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD, Both DMD and BMD affect boys almost exclusively, but in rare cases can also affect girls.

Treatment Objectives The objective of this treatment is to improve all sysmptoms, prevent and treat later complications, correct imbalance, adjust the immune system and most importantly to boost energy and strong body for better health and quality of life. The purpose of this treatment is not to replace necessary orthodox medical treatment. A combination of both is recommended.

Herbal Formulation We recommend a herbal combination consisting of the following herbs and possibly others depending on the particular case. All these herbs are proven to be effective.
Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae
Origin: Twotoothed Achyranthes Root is the dried root of Achyrantes bidentata Bl.(Fam. Amarantheceae)
Nature and affinity: It is bitter and sour in taste and neutral in nature, and is distributed to the Liver and Kidney Channels.
Radix Pseudostellariae
Origin: Heterophylly Falsestarwort Root is the dried root of Pseudostellaria heterophylla ex Pax et Hoffm.(Fam.Caryophyllaceae).
Nature and affinity: It is sweet and slightly bitter in taste and neutral in nature. Its therapeutic action is related to the Channels of the Spleen and Lung.
Hirudo: The medicinal leech has a cylindrical, dorsoventrally flattened body divided into thirty-three or thirty-four segments. The dorsal side is dark brown to black, bearing six longitudinal, reddish or brown stripes, and the ventral surface is speckled. All members bear a posterior and anterior disk-shaped sucker. The anterior sucker surrounds the oral opening where the teeth for incison are located. In addition, the medicinal leech has five pairs of eyes located on its front end. H. medicinalis has several pairs of testes and one pair of ovaries as well as a thickening of the body ring, known as a clitellum, which is visible during the breeding season.
Radix Polygoni Multiflori
Origin: Fleeceflower Root is the dried root tuber of Ploygonum multiflorm Thunb. (Fam. Polygonaceae)
Nature and affinity: Bitter, sweet and astringent in taste, warm in nature, it is therapeutically related to the Channels of the Liver, Heart and Kidney.
Fructus Tribuli
Origin: Dongbei, Huabei, Xingjiang, Qinghai, Sizang, regions bordering on Changjiang river.
Nature and affinity: Acrid, Bitter taste and warm in nature.
Ramulus Uncariae cum Uncis
Origin: Gambir Plant is the dried hook-bearing branch of Uncaria rhynchophylla (Miq.) Jacks., Uncaria macrophylla Wall., Uncaria hirsute Havil., Uncaria sinensis (Oliv.) Havil. or Uncaria sessilifructus Roxb. (Fam. Rubiaceae).
Nature and affinity: It is sweet in taste and cool in nature, and is distributed to the Liver and Pericardium Channels.
Cortex Eucommiae
Origin: Cassia Bark is the dried stem bark of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. (Fam. Eucommiaceae).
Nature and affinity: It is sweet in taste and warm in nature. Its therapeutic action is related to the Channels of the Liver and Kidney.
Main Active Ingredient: Pinoresinol diglucoside
Fructus Lycii
Origin: Barbary Wolfberry Fruit is the dried ripe fruit of Lycium barbarum L. (Fam. Solanaceae).
Nature and affinity: It is sweet in taste and neutral in nature. Its therapeutic action is related to the Liver and Kidney channels.
Radix Morindae Officinalis
Origin: Morinda Root is the dried root of Morinda officinalis How (Fam. Rubiaceae).
Nature and affinity: The drug is sweet tasteless to the taste, slightly cold in nature, and distributed to the Lung, Liver and Kidney Channels.
Treatment Efficacy Apart from what has been traditionaly established in Chinese medicine, this combination has proved to haveexcellent efficacy in evaluations. Please see the table below for details.
Total Cases Observed  2
Fully Recovered 2
Overall Success Rate 100 %

Side Effects All of the herbs in this formulation have been in use for thousands of years in China and are proven to be safe. Chinese herbs work in a non-invasive way utilizing the natural healing powers of the body and hence work without any side effects. More importantly, we and our herbalist doctors understand the use of herbs to give optimum benefit without incurring any side effects.
In the language of Chinese medicine, there are many balances inside our bodies. The breaking of any of these balances leads to illness. Chinese herbs work by balancing these various systems in our bodies through their adjustment. Hence treatment takes place holistically, without effecting our normal systems and without any side effects.

Customized Medicine An advantage of using Chinese herbs is that they can be combined flexibly to suit the specific needs of the individual. When you place an order from this web site, you will be using our Online Questionnaire System to outline your condition, so that we and our herbalist doctors can be continue to optimize the herbal combination and plan the herbal remedy according to your symptoms. A planed herbal remedy using optimized herbal combination has the maximum efficacy.
Easy Administration Our herbal remedies use custom-made medications in easy-to-administer dosage forms. Depending on the condition and the medicine we may use an oral or a topical dosage form like pills, capsules, tea bags, powders, lotions, sprays etc. In some cases (mostly skin related) the remedy may consist of a combination of an oral and a topical form.
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